Foodie’s choice

Culinary gem in Hotel Montanus. The search for perfection can be found in some phenomenal dishes, a warm interior, the magnificent and cosy terrace and the attentive service.

In restaurant Den Heerd you can sit by the fire and enjoy delicious and contemporary cuisine. Find out more about our see below.


You'll find the Chef and proprietor, Jo Dezutter, cooking in his open kitchen in restaurant Den Heerd, and he'll delight you with the most delicious gastronomic dishes.

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Be sure to pay a visit to the garden of hotel Montanus. There you'll find this modern restaurant featuring plenty of glass and with its beautiful terrace. You'll be treated to an attractive and contemporary mix of products.

High quality cuisine High quality ingredients prepared by a talented chef. Simply delicious food!

Good reputation

Please book by telephone on +32 (0)50 35 44 00

Opening hours

The restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner on Wednesdays, Sundays and bank holidays.